HGH stimulators and testosterone boosters often come in injection form and may produce harmful side-effects. Additionally, we have found that many of these supplements are also illegal. As a result, these products can’t always be trusted to produce the kind of results we’re looking for without consequently causing powerful negative reactions in our bodies.

Somathil offers a homeopathic approach to HGH stimulation. Using a powerful, all-natural active ingredient, Somathil claims to be both safe and effective—and it comes in dropper form.

But are droplets really as successful at promoting HGH levels as pill-form HGH enhancers like Humovox? Let’s take a closer look and see if Somathil can get you one step closer to having the body others only dream of having. Check here for more info —

Somathil Information

Somathil, as mentioned above, uses a homeopathic formula. This formula is able to provide a safe alternative to many of the other products currently on the market. The active ingredient in the product is called Somatropin, which is supposed to stimulate cell growth, production and regeneration.

Additionally, according to the manufacturers of Somathil, Somatropin can increase cardiac output, lower blood pressure, increase immune function, enhance sexual performance, reduce body fat and improve energy levels.

It appears that this formula has been diluted by adding other ingredients in order to make it even more safe and effective.

Is Somathil Safe?

In addition to knowing what is actually found in a product formula, we believe it is equally important to know what kind of side-effects these ingredients will produce. According to consumer reviews and research, it appears that because of the dilution of the main active ingredient in this formula, it should be safe for all users.

However, we always recommend talking to your health care provider before starting any new supplement, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Is Somathil Effective?

In order for a product like this to receive our stamp of approval, we believe that it should have either clinical studies or consumer reviews available.

Fortunately, it appears that Somathil has both. First, a research study was published in the 1990 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine that substantiates the positive benefits of the main active ingredient Somatropin.

In the clinical trial, 12 men between the ages of 61-81 received HGH therapy by injection for 6 months. After this trial, the men experienced an average of 20 years of reversed aging effects. Even though this study was not specifically done on Somathil, it was performed on the main active ingredient, Somatropin, which shows a lot of promise.

Additionally, we have found user reviews that explain the benefits and muscle gains seen while using Somathil.

Should You Try Somathil?

It seems that Somathil may indeed be able to offer you the results you’re looking for without any of the harmful side-effects that often accompany a HGH supplement. However, the retail price of $59 is a little on the expensive side and without any satisfaction guarantee, we believe there may be other products on the market that are able to produce similar results at a more affordable price. However, we do believe that if you have the extra money available to try Somathil, it is well worth a try.

A less expensive option in common capsule form—if that’s your preference—is Humovox. We also recommend checking out this top-rated HGH booster.

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