Top 5 Indoor Games A Child Should Play

Playing games is the most important activity for children to develop creative skills. It is a fact that games offer fun and entertainment. In this busy world, parents find less time to spend time with their children. They find it hard to balance their work at office as well as home schedules. But it is quiet essential that parents need to spend their quality time with their kids as your child also needs time with you to relax and play. This also helps to build strong family bonds, which can last for a lifetime.

Children enjoy playing which is enjoyable and spontaneous. They also can learn social and motor skills and also cognitive thinking. Researches proved that play helps in the brain development by stimulating the brain through the formation of connections between nerve cells. Board games are very popular which were actually meant to be pass time, but actually are healthy, nurturing the brains motor functions etc. There are some important board games for kids that children must play to develop in to a sharp and brilliant student. They are as follows:


Chess game is one of the excellent board games in the world.  Although it is an ancient game, yet it is still increasingly popular and considered as a royal game. Chess game promotes imagination and creativity and as well as encourages a child to be inventive. It is also a game of entertainment and relaxation. Even the parents are encouraging their kids to join in chess learning classes.  This is because it helps in developing scientific way of thinking, explores new ideas, and helps to interact with other people.


Monopoly is the most popular board game since 1935.  It is quiet interesting game that may be dependent on both luck and strategy. It offers hours of fun and entertainment and also teach you some valuable lessons such as risk assessment, time and diversification, which are the most useful tools for investing in this real world. There are different versions in this wonderful game that reach from young kids to all professionals.

Snakes & Ladders

It is a very popular game for children and is well-known as “Vaikunthapaali” or ““Moksha Patam”. It is another greatest game that helps a lot in improving the best educational skills. This game helps to learn some moral values. Children really enjoy playing this game.


Another classic board game which has diehard followers. It can be described as another interesting game which provides a lot of potential benefits. The major benefits of playing this game are improves the language, builds vocabulary, learn correct spellings and developing the skill of anagramming.

This is a wonderful strategy game that builds critical skills. The whole family spend can some fun time by playing this game. It is not only the game of fun and entertainment, but also promotes good mental health and social skills. Also, it helps for children to solve the complex math problems.

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